News from the Tian Lab

Teacher's day Surprise!

Ruilin Tian
10 September 2021

Celebrating Ruilin’s first Teacher’s Day!

The lab prepared a surprise for Ruilin to celebrate his first Teacher’s Day.

20210910_teacher's day

20210910_teacher's day2

Welcome new Master's students!

Ruilin Tian
27 August 2021

Welcome Siqi Bi(闭思琪), Yaping Wu(巫雅萍) and Xuelin Chen(陈雪临) to join our lab as Master’s students!

Siqi Siqi Bi(闭思琪)

Yaping Yaping Wu(巫雅萍)

Xuelin Xuelin Chen(陈雪临)

Celebrating lab's first grant

Ruilin Tian
20 August 2021

Celebrating lab’s first NSFC grant!

Thanks the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC,国自然基金委) for supporting us!


Group photo with the Hong lab

Ruilin Tian
19 August 2021

Group photo with the Hong lab!


Welcome Xing!

Ruilin Tian
12 July 2021

Welcome Xing Li (李星) to join our lab as a co-mentored PhD student!