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Celebrating Tianzi‘s Birthday

Ruilin Tian
22 November 2022

Happy Birthday to Tianzi!


Our Paper is out in Cell Discovery!

Ruilin Tian
16 November 2022

In collaboration with Dr.Renhong Yan’s group, we characterized the interaction between ACE2 and SIT1, which regulates cell surface ACE2 levels and thus modulating SARS-COV-2 RBD binding to human cells.


This work is published in Cell Discovery. Read more here

Congratulations to Jianhui, who is the co-first author of this paper!

Lab fun

Ruilin Tian
04 November 2022



Our paper is out in MBoC!

Ruilin Tian
25 September 2022

Our Perspective paper, titled “How many authors does it take to publish a high profile or classic paper?”, is out in Molecular Biology of the Cell!

This work is in collaboration with Prof.Hai Rao and others.

PDF here

Celebrating Wenmin's Birthday

Ruilin Tian
23 September 2022

Happy Birthday to Wenmin!